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For your security,to have always safest transactions, we accept payments only by

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We engage near you, visitors and customers of our site to guarantee privacy of the personal informations you provide us. That wants to tell:

- Protection of the personal data

- Safety of the transactions

- Certificate of safety

- Respect of  French Data-processing and Freedoms laws

Data collected on the site of

In order to treat your purchase order, we must be able to know and memorize some of the parameters which are communicated to us by your computer: it is necessary for us to know which you are as well as the products which you are buying. The cookies are programs used with this single purpose: to memorize during time of your visit, your identity (known from your pseudo and with your password) and the contents of your caddie as you fill it. Once your finished shopping, this information is automatically erased, our “cookies” being this those  named “temporary cookies”.

Protection of the personal data

As a trader site, the tradesman collects a certain number of necessary informations to the treatment of the orders.

The tradesman processes all these data with the greatest confidentiality.

The treatment automated of personal information on the site of the tradesman was declared near the National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms.

Safety of the transactions

The payment is ensured by Stripe® or Paypal®, recognized for their reliability as regards transactions on Internet. All transactions done between you and our website are fully encrypted (SSL).

Banking informations you give, encrypted on your own computer, will never circulate uncrypted on Internet.

No banking card number is stored in the tradesman system.

Observance of French and European regulations

In accordance with the French Data-processing and Freedoms law  dated January 6th, 1978, you have full access rights of correction, modification and suppression on your data . You can exert this right by sending a mail to us to the following address:

66°NORD Sarl

Centre International d'Affaires
24 boulevard Marcel Dassault

64200 Biarritz – France