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  • Bengt And Lotta

    The Bengt & Lotta brand was born of a couple of Swedish designers who met at Stockholm's College of Arts, Craft and Design.
    After their studies they started a life of employees, one in a national newspaper and the other in advertising agency.
    It was Bengt who got bored first and started producing candle holders in ironwork and placing them in Swedish shops. His stylized animals, a momentum in particular, have been a huge success and requests came from Germany, Japan, USA ...


    Brita Sweden is a family run company witch develops high quality interior design. The range is large rugs made from natural fibers, or plastic rugs in many sizes.

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    Danefæ danish retro baby and kid quality clothes

    Danefae is a hugely successful kids and adult fashion label from Denmark. Their unique and strong designs are a stand out as well as using suberb quality fabrics in their cotton clothing.

    The Danefae collections are directly inspired by the well known and legendary stereotypes from Scandinavia. It is all about designing with the Danish heritage in mind and with a touch of friendly irony that will make adults and kids smile. Danefae is the label with attitude and the twinkle in the eye!


    Influenced by its Ukrainian origins, designer Nina Jarema is inspired by the forests and villages of her country to print a fantastic universe around our tables. His drawings are strongly inspired by Finnish culture: curious creatures organized in original symmetries push us to the land of reverie.


    Green Gate is a Danish company which develops a range of dishes, table accessories, home-table linens and decorative items typically Scandinavian with soft floral and relaxing colors as invitations to share. The signing of Green Gate is a fresh and poetic creations always elegant, simple and timeless. These typically Danish collections are robust (for everyday use), high quality with precise finishing details. The success of Green Gate is that it also offers new articles matching the previous collections two times a year.


    Klippan Yllefabrik, a family company, was started when Jöns Petter Magnusson took over a small wool spinning mill in the center of Klippan, a village in southern Sweden. Ever since, they have stayed with their core business, which is with natural wool et cotton products. They produce plaids, throws and blankets, from start to finish, in their own factory. Controlling the entire process, they take the carefully selected raw material and turn it into a comprehensive textile collection based on quality and design.

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items